Breathe the Truffle

Our goal is to restore the environmental balance in 4 Piedmont areas through the planting of new trees and targeted cultivation actions. In this way, we would foster a series of virtuous behaviours in enhancing the woods and the excellent fruit they naturally give us: the White Truffle of Alba.


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Breathe the Truffle

“Breathe the truffle” is an evocative play on words, with an important concept: the trees are life, and life is made of beautiful and good things like truffles.

Our mission is focused on the environment. In fact, our goal is to raise funds to the reforestation and to the care of forests and wooded areas in decline.

The cultivation actions we want to carry out are also preparatory to the White Truffle of Alba production. Here, our intentions does not change, but they develop opening up to a wider social scenario aimed at the protection of a niche product tied to environmental and forestry resources on the territory.

The White Truffle of Alba is in fact a natural resource that can’t be cultivated, but it rather depends on trees and a proper care of the forest.

Breathe the truffle: it’s about enjoying the most particular scent that nature offers and breathes at the same time, because you need a tree to produce truffles.

The problem:
plants and attention to marginal areas are being reduced, so we are witnessing the abandonment of wooded areas with serious effects on the spontaneous production of the Tuber magnatum Pico.

The solution: interventions of agri-forestry care, planting new trees and shrubs and consequently environmental improvement, a better air quality, the reduction of landslides and the increase of truffle production.

Why donate? Because the environmental degradation, unfortunately widespread, can be improved with a simple intervention; because it’s a sign of respect towards a wonderful landscape that should not be damaged; because we need new plants to reduce the CO2 emitted by the many vehicles in circulation, also during the fair; finally, because truffles are fantastic gifts of nature, and protecting and ensuring their presence on the territory means protecting one of the most beautiful things in life.

How can you help

Improve the environment and protect the ecosystem of the truffle, and we will thank you by sending you an exclusive gift!

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SAVE THE TRUFFLE T-SHIRT The Truffle world conceals amazing stories, like that of two young members of Save the Truffle association, two guys in love with their own territory who, by becoming acquainted with their environment and in order to raise awareness of the truffles potential, are active in protecting the wooded areas.
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